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An illustration of stoic's bird mascot sitting on a pile of books with a journal open and a quill to write in hand.

A space for all your thoughts.

Journal about anything and everything, freeform or with our many guided journals, prompts, and ideas.

A screenshot of the stoic mental health app's guided journaling tab with a description for a gratitude journal.
Interactive prompt screen from Stoic, the best journal app for iOS, inviting users to select topics for personalized journaling. Options include Love, Loneliness, Productivity, and Stoicism, reflecting the app's extensive coverage of areas such as Happiness, Self-Discovery, Stress & Anxiety, Relationships, Therapy, and Sleep, designed for enhancing mental wellness and personal growth.

Guided journals for every topic.

With a library of 1000+ thought-provoking prompts on productivity, happiness, stress & anxiety, relationships, therapy, and so much more.

New journaling prompts every day.

Every week, our team chooses a new topic to cover and we provide you with one guided journal prompt per day.

Screenshot of the 'Thoughts Journal' feature in Stoic, the best journal app, displaying daily journaling prompts focused on self-reflection and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. With prompts that encourage users to explore their emotions and thoughts in depth, Stoic offers a unique tool for personal development, emotional intelligence, and combating negative thinking patterns.
Screenshot of the 'Journaling Suggestions' feature in Stoic, powered by Apple's new API, displaying personalized prompts that inspire users to journal about life's moments. The example shows a photo prompt for 'Tuesday December 5' suggesting users to write about their experiences, capturing the essence of personal storytelling and reflection within the best journal app.
ONLY IN iOS 17.2

Tailored journaling suggestions.

Get personalized suggestions based on events that happened in your life, places you visited, photos in your library, songs that you have on repeat, and more.


Leverage AI to reflect better.

Get AI-powered writing analysis, personalized guided journal prompts, discover patterns, and more.

A screenshot of the stoic mental health journaling app with a diary entry and a button to analyze the writing with AI.

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stoic is not just a journaling app, but your all-in-one mental health companion
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I don’t think I’ve ever come across a journal app like stoic that has so many features, exercises, interactive aspects, and impactful quotes.
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I have tried so many journaling apps. But most of them focus on a rigid structure than being inspirational.
The way stoic has helped me interact and engage to journal more is phenomenal.
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stoic has to be the best journal app I’ve seen so far. It's clean, works super well.
It's just about perfect and it’s exactly what I wanted from a journaling app.
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stoic has really helped me grow and has helped me become a better person through journaling every day.
This journaling app is making so many people’s lives better.
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stoic redirected my focus from external chaos to internal clarity during a rough phase. It didn't just light up my path, but taught me how to keep the lights on, reminding me I control my life's narrative.
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stoic gently guides towards personal reflection, making mindfulness a simple, personalized routine, enhancing emotional wellbeing. It's the best journal app.
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stoic has been a cornerstone in easing my depression and anxiety, providing a convenient platform to build healing habits amidst coping with various mental health issues.
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stoic has turned journaling on my phone into a joy, helping find peace and positivity amidst daily stress, even while battling anxiety and depression. Highly recommended!
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stoic has woven itself into my daily routine, providing a focused start to my days with its thought-provoking guided journal prompts. It's been my go-to journal app for clarity and calm, especially during challenging moments post brain surgery.
Squirrel Schenandoah
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stoic emerged as a beacon of hope amid my therapist search hindered by Medicare constraints. Its unmatched intuitiveness has been pivotal in reclaiming my mental health from deep depression. Life-saver.
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